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Chevron Gift Cards can be redeemed at the pump only at participating Chevron or Texaco locations via Chevron or Texaco app. There are no maintenance or hidden fees associated with the gift card and the card will never expire


Use of this electronic gift card constitutes acceptance of the following terms: This electronic gift card is redeemable only through the Chevron and Texaco mobile apps for fuel and car wash purchases made at the pump at Chevron and Texaco stations that are able to process mobile payments at the pump. To find a Chevron or Texaco station that processes mobile payments at the pump, see the station locator feature in the Chevron or Texaco mobile app. Not valid for in-store purchases of any kind. Not valid for the purchase of gift cards or lottery of any kind. This electronic gift card is not a credit card, debit card, asset account or a deposit account. This electronic card is not redeemable for cash or credit; provided that cards with a balance less than $10 may be exchanged for cash by calling 1-800-352-1090. To report a lost, stolen, or non-working card, call 1-800-352-1090 or visit Remaining value may be replaced on a lost or stolen electronic card only if the card was obtained directly from an approved seller and the account number and remaining value on the card can be verified. Electronic cards with low balances may not function through the mobile apps due to restrictions at certain pumps. This electronic gift card is issued and administered by SVM, LP. Electronic cards provided for promotional purposes may contain an expiration date, if allowed by law. If no date is shown, then the electronic card will not expire. This electronic gift card is not subject to maintenance fees. Redeemable in the United States only.
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