Virtual Phone Number (1 Year)

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Virtual Phone Number (1 Year)

Product Details

  • Delivery of this product is automatic. You receive phone number details on order details page.
  • This number can be used to receive SMS messages.
  • There is no monthly fee for using the number.
  • Country code of the virtual number is +380, Ukraine mobile operator.
  • The number has been tested on Google (it may not work on Google nowadays), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram. It can receive SMS from most of international websites. Telegram's main app sometimes doesn't send SMS to Ukranian numbers, you can use Telegram X app (which is also official) in this case. After initial setup, number could be used in any app.
  • Sending SMS and outgoing calls are only available for local customers. If you don't live in Ukraine, you can use it only for receiving SMS.
  • Validity period of the number is approximately 1 year (min. 11 months). You can extend lifespan of the number by topping up a few dollars balance.
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