Affiliate Program

We run an affiliate program and share a part of our revenue with partners. Partners receive revenue share instantly after the user they referred makes a purchase on our website.

Program Terms

Eligibility: Public promotion of Stealths on your platform (YouTube channels, blogs, social media influencers etc.) is required to qualify for affiliate program. Also, an email address is required to stay updated about affiliate program updates and withdrawal notifications.
Revenue Share: Default revenue share rate is 20%, we may offer different rate depending on your project after review. You receive revenue share for every order of referred users.
Revenue Tracking: You can track your earnings on your partner dashboard.
Included Products: MPC Mastercard Prepaid, VISA Gift Card (US) and Amazon Gift Card. The list may change anytime.
Withdraw of Earnings: You can request a withdrawal to your Monero or USDT wallet when total earnings exceed minimum withdrawal limit, which is $20.00 at this time. Withdrawals are reviewed and processed manually. Blockchain transfer fees are deducted from withdrawal amount.

How to partner with you?

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us by email, Telegram or Session. We'll setup your affiliate account and provide all information needed for the partnership.
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